Repair and Clean Gas Grill

With all that BBQ sauce and being outside for a few years, your outdoor gas grill probably could use some cleaning. The burners tend to rust over time and may need replacing.Learn how to clean it up and make those repairs.

Items needed:
Cleaner, such as
   Simple Green
Scrubbing pad
Safety Suggestions and Tips
Shut off the gas tank
Use chemical proof gloves
Avoid cleaning agent fumes
Always check for leaks in line
Replace all defactive parts
Have a trash bag handy
Level of difficulty

Time Required:
 2 hour


Brush soapy water to check for leaks

Step 1:

The first step examine the grill and be sure that the legs are secure. Take a close look at the hoses and fittings on the tank. You can check for leaks in the line by brushing on some soapy water and look for bubbling.Look for cracks in the line hoses.

Read the safety tips 

Step 2:

Read this article on grill safety tips from the US Consumer Product Safety Commission. If there are leaks, do not hesitate to buy replacement parts.Don't wait for a fire or explosion!

Grease build-up all over

Step 3:

You will probably notice that there has been significant grease build-up both on the exterior shelf, the grill rack and on the lava rocks.

Grill cleaner and scrubber

Step 4:

To clean the grill, use a cleaner, such as Simple Green.

Spray on cleaning foam

Step 5:

Shake the can real well.  Liberally spray the grill and shelf with an even coat.

Evenly coat the inside of grill as well

Step 6:

Also apply a coat to the interior of the grill.  Let this sit for a few moments, but not too long.

Visit the Simple Green web site for more information and safety instruction at

Wipe of foam and grease

Step 7:

You will need to wait a few minutes for the foaming action to work.  Then using a scrubbing pad, clean-off the foam and grease. You may need a second coat for those stubborn areas.

Check for rusted out burner

Step 8:

With the grill cleaned, you need to examine the burner for rust.This one was overdue for a replacement. Measure it before throwing it in the trash so you can buy the correct replacement.

From above, examine for dirt and corrosion in orifice

Step 9:

Check the orifice and, if need be, use an old tooth brush to clean off any scaling or deposits.

Assemble new burner parts

Step 10:

If the burner needs replacement, you will first need to assemble the new unit and adjust the flexible hose length to match up with the orifice.

Drop in and align orifice

Step 11:

Now, carefully align the hose and drop the burner in, being careful to line up with the orifice.

Adjust length of feeder hose to match orifice

Step 12:

When you fire up the grill, the flame should be blue, no orange flames. Be sure you follow gas grill safety tips

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