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Flash-Patch Drywall Repair

Flash-Patching drywall is another method sometimes used instead of the board-patch. Flash-patching is appropriate for small holes about the size of an outlet box. Instead of using tape, the paper from the front of the patch is used to hold the patch in place. If the hole you are dealing with is larger, see related links at bottom of page.

Flash patch being placed in hole
Items needed:
Joint compound
150 grit sandpaper
6" or larger tape knife
Utility knife
Drywall joint tape
Safety Suggestions and Tips
Use sharp utility knife
This method is faster than other methods
Great patch when you have had a wild hammer swing!
Level of difficulty

Time Required:
 1 hour


Marke square area to patch
Measuring patch area

Step 1:

Using a square (or a box) mark a rectangle around the hole.

Cut out hole
Cut out hole

Step 2:

Using a utility knife or a keyhole saw, cut out the hole you marked.

Measure hole width and height
Measure hole width and height

Step 3:

Measure the hole you cut in the wall.

Oversized patch piece
Oversized patch piece

Step 4:

Measure and mark a piece of drywall one inch larger in all dimensions than the hole.

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