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Repairing a Small Hole in Drywall

Small holes caused by broom handles and the like can be frustrating to repair.  The "board patch" method is overkill and just putting mud into the hole doesn't work well either.  This guide will show you how to fix the hole.

Handle in wall
Items needed:

Joint compound
150 grit sandpaper
6" or larger tape knife
Utility knife
Drywall joint tape

Safety Suggestions and Tips
Wear safety glasses
Take your time, hurried drywall repairs look bad.
Level of difficulty

Time Required:
 1 hour


Cover the hole
Cover the hole

Step 1:

Cover the hole with drywall compound.  Try to fill the hole to the extent possible and cover several inches around the hole.  The mud will "slump" a bit, do not worry about it.

Remove bonnet
Partially fill hole

Step 2:

Tear off a piece of tape long enough to cover the hole and place it over the hole.  For this particular repair it is best to use the perforated drywall tape.  The holes help to hold the compound in place.  Go over the tape with a knife (4"-6") to work the compound from behind the tape.  The tape should be smooth and wrinkle-free.  It is normal, however, for small bumps to appear where the holes are.  Do not worry about these yet, you'll sand these out the next day.

Remove screw
Apply tape

Step 3:

Put a bit of compound on your knife (4"-6") and spread it over the tape.  Gently smooth the compound so it just covers the tape and several inches surrounding the hole. Wait until the drywall compound dries and lightly sand the patch.  Do not sand into the tape, just smooth the area.

Valve seat
Firmly seat tape

Step 4:

Using a wide (6" or wider) knife, spread another coat of compound over the hole.  Cover the area around the hole to help conceal the patch.  Let dry and sand.

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