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For Homeowners: was formed in order to provide detailed "How-To" information to the public, all for free.  We want to do as much for our users as possible.   We are building an online Home Improvement encyclopedia/site.  It includes a Dictionary, Project section, a How-To and FAQ sections.  The site is continuous state of improvement and we are concentrating all of our efforts on adding information to help you get your project done.  If you have questions or do not see what you need, please email us at and we'll be happy to help. 

For Businesses:  We license our content to businesses interested in providing the best home improvement content to their customers.  Our content is also available for co-branding opportunities.  We also provide new articles every week for our licensees.  Drop us a line if you are interested - or if you prefer the telephone: 703-368-2553.

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Our customer come from all over the US, Canada and many other countries.  More then half of our readers have responded with their Zip Code which we used to prepare this map of our US customers.