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Why advertise with us? delivers targeted ad-views to our advertisers.  Our visitors are interested in home-improvement.  They are more likely to visit our sponsors and advertisers than if the advertisements were placed on general-interest sites.  You will also find that rates are very competitive.

What options are available?

Sponsor a Section: offers the different sections of our web site as potential advertising vehicles.  Your advertisement would appear on the top of the section that you wish to sponsor.  If, for instance, you sell plumbing supplies, you might wish to sponsor the plumbing section.  This page would be free from other advertisements however; we reserve the right to place ads on pages below the section pages.  The cost for sponsoring a section is $2,000.00 for six months.

Sponsor a Special Event:

From time to time we make our special chat events available to businesses for sponsorship.  The chat events normally last about 90 minutes and are hosted by an experienced tradesman.  Your logo would appear on the top of the chat page.  We also store the transcript on our site where your logo would be preserved.  The cost for sponsoring a special event is $250.00.

Sponsor our Newsletter:

Our opt-in newsletter is distributed to thousands of readers each month.  We will include a text link to your site for only $50.00 per newsletter.  Discounts available for volume purchases.

Banner Advertising:

We make all of our pages, with the exception of the sections, available for banner advertisements.  Banner advertisements must be the standard size of 468x60 pixels and under 10k in size.  Animated banners must be shorter than 7 seconds in length and not loop.  Banner advertisements may be purchased in one of two programs:

Front Page:

Your banner will run on the top of our web site’s front page.  This page gets the most exposure of any on the site.  The cost for Front Page advertising is $40.00 per thousand impressions.  Minimum of 1 unit.  Discounts available for volume purchases.

Run of Site:

These banners run anywhere on the site.  There is no allocation made for the type of advertising.  You ad may run in a section that is not related to your business.  The cost for run of site advertising is $35.00 per thousand impressions.  Minimum of 1 unit.  Discounts available for volume purchases.


These banners run in specific parts of the web site.  They are targeted towards the visitors that will be most interested in your product.  These banners are available on a calendar basis.  The cost is $100.00 per month, regardless of traffic.  Minimum of 2 month commitment. 

Button Advertising:

Button advertising is available for all but the front and section pages.  Buttons must be 100x100 pixels in size.  Buttons are available on a calendar basis.  The minimum commitment is one month and the cost is $50.00.

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