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Drywall Repair - Collection of How-to's Articles

From time to time, we all have to repair a hole in the wall.  Whether it is an errant mop handle, a child hacking away with a toy or a door handle; it has happened to everybody.  This page contains links to four how-to's that will teach you how to repair holes, no matter how large.  The main thing to remember when fixing drywall: thinner layers of mud (drywall compound) are better.  Do not heap mud over the area to be repaired, it takes forever to dry and then you have to sand it all off.  Your goal is to avoid building a "hump" in the wall.  Spread the patch out, feathering the mud so that the repair is concealed!

To view these articles, click on pictures!

Click Here for Small repair

Small Repair

Click Here for Medium repair

Medium Repair


Click Here for Large repair

Large Repair


Click Here for Huge repair

Huge Repair


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