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Fall Cleanup

Just like Spring Clean-up, your house needs attention before the onset of winter.  Winter presents its own set of challenges to your home and the freezing temperatures can be just as damaging as "Spring Showers!"

The first step is to get all of the junk around the yard cleaned up.  When it's cold and rainy outside you don't want to be out in the yard cleaning up frozen leaves. 

The second step is to inspect the area around your foundation for missing or damaged grilles and windows.  These will allow cold air under or into the house.  That's bad news as it could allow your pipes (or you!) to freeze.

The third step is to inspect your roof, gutters and flashing for damage.  Any gaps in these areas will allow water or ice to penetrate your roof.

The fourth step is to check any exterior woodwork for damage or maintenance needs.  Cracking paint or caulk will allow the weather to ruin your expensive woodwork and cost you in heating bills.


Turning leafs - that beautiful fall color

Level of Difficulty

Time Required:
 4 hours
Roof cement
Window glaze
Trash bags
Safety Precautions
Follow ladder safety rules.

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