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Horse Fencing - Installing the Posts

While horses need plenty of land to exercise and grass to graze on, they also must be fenced in.  Remember, good fencing makes good neighbors.  

Fencing for horses can be a back breaking job.  The ease of digging the holes depends on:

  • Type of soil,

  • Soil moisture present,

  • Thickness of existing sod, and

  • Type of tools you have available.

In this article we discuss how to get the holes dug.  We cover how to:

  • Hand dig,

  • Machine dig, and

  • Drive the posts.

Other articles discuss the types of fencing, installing wire fencing and board fencing.

Post hole auger

Post hole auger

Level of Difficulty

Time Required:
 16 hours
Clam shell or post hole digger
Digging iron
Tamping rod
Tractor and auger (optional)
Leather gloves
Marker stick 8' long
String or masons twine
Fence posts
Safety Precautions
When using tractor, keep area clear

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