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Sanding Plank Floors

From time to time, wooden plank floors need to be refinished. Normal wear and tear, to say nothing of dogs and children, can make a floor's finish look dull. This project is easy enough to complete as long as you can handle the sander. They are very heavy pieces of machinery - the platform sander weighs about 125 pounds!

The most important aspect of this project is the technique used when sanding the floor. If you aren't careful while sanding, you can seriously damage the floor. You have to keep the sander moving at an even speed with constant attention to what is happening.

This first step is to asses your floors and determine how much sanding is necessary. There are two levels of floor refinishing: The first is where the finish is damaged but the wood beneath is in good condition. The second is where the finish and the wood are damaged. The objective for both is the same: removing the damaged material while preserving as much of the wood flooring as possible. Floors can only be sanded but so many times before they have to be replaced.

Dust is flying everywhere

Dust is flying everywhere

Level of Difficulty

Time Required:
 16 hours
Power sander
Edge sander
Paint brush
Vacuum cleaner
Tack rags
Wood stain
Wood finish
Sanding disk and pads
Safety Precautions
Dust respirator and eye protection is a must!
Be careful with power sander - do not run over power cord.

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