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Install Tongue and Grove Paneling

Real wood paneling adds charm and warmth to any room.  Using individual tongue and groove boards, the installation may take more time than ply-panels, but offers depth and a rich look.  The trim moldings compliment the natural wood effect.  

In this article learn how to:

  • Install the board paneling,

  • Cut around electric outlets, and

  • Add door and window trim molding.

Tongue and groove paneling

Tongue and groove paneled room

Level of Difficulty

Time Required:
 40 hours
Miter saw
Hand sander (palm or orbital)
Sand paper (150, 220 grit)
String or masons twine
Small step ladder
Caulk gun
Tongue and groove paneling
Baseboard, cove and corner molding
Nails: 4 and 6d finishing
Stain and finish
Wood glue
Paneling or construction adhesive

Safety Precautions
Turn off power when working around electric outlets or lights.  Keep area clean to avoid falls from step ladder.

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