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Create Your Own Window Molding

Here's a relatively inexpensive and simple approach to get that old-home restoration look.  Window trim molding can be made using your table saw with a cutter head installed.  The wood can be pine, spruce or any wood of your choice.  Generally software woods are best when using the triple-head cutter.

Common 1x4 lumber is generally a good choice, as shown here.  Avoid knotty wood, as this will not take the molding edge.  Also spruce tends to fray and feather more than pine.

The corner "rosettes" can be purchased or be created if you have a wood lath.  The commercially available rosettes generally have less depth of cut and are available in limited sizes. 

To make the rosettes, you can use a drill press or wood lath.  The drill press requires an expensive cutter and, like the manufactured ones, offers limited sizes. The drill press is fast, but with a little care and patience, you can do better with the lath. Using a wood lath, the rosette can be created in a variety of patterns and sizes.  A good choice for wood is 5/4 clear sugar pine.  This can be cut into 3-1/2" blocks or larger 4-1/4" squares as shown. It cuts easily and cleanly using a face plate.  A thicker rosette adds definition and richness to the finished look

Custom door trim-molding

Custom door trim-molding

Level of Difficulty

Time Required:
 2 hours
Table saw
Triple header cutter
Power or miter saw
Nail set
Tape measure or folding rule
Clear 1 x 4 pine
Wood stain and finish
Finishing nails
Safety Precautions
Use safety precautions with power tools - eye and ear protection.

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