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Wall Mounted Sink Installation

If your sink looks like the one in the picture, you need a new one.  There are literally dozens of different types of sinks available and you should carefully pick the one that suits you.  You can spend a little bit or a small fortune.  You can also spend as much on the faucet as you do on the sink itself.  Before you buy a new wall sink consider other types of sinks including one with a cabinet below it for additional storage.  

If you stick with a wall sink, also consider what sort of tail piece, water connectors and trap to use.  You can use the standard plastic pieces but a chrome hookup is more attractive.  The installation pictured in this article uses a mix of plastic and chromed hardware and, while not the most attractive, is just as functional.  Plastic is also easier to customize for your installation.

Old sink to be replaced

Old sink to be replaced

Level of Difficulty

Time Required:
 2 hours
Large pliers
Plumbers wrench
Screw driver
Wall sink
Plumbers putty
Teflon tape 
Safety Precautions
Turn off water.

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