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Posted by Big John on November 12, 2001 at 18:06:02:

Recently half of our bedroom and entire master bath lost power. This includes one lighting fixture in the closet & its switch, a close by standard outlet, and the batrooms dual light fan switch, and its neighboring GFCI outlet. When the power failed, I tried to reset the GFCI outlet, but you can't punch the black Test button in....leaving me to think that there was a short somewhere.

The original breaker for this area is a Murray Single Pole 15A MP Style... I am pretty sure that this breaker powers more than just the outlets that are nonfunctioning, but checking the conduit lines in the attic confirms that only the above mentioned non working stuff comes out of the same junction box.. I pulled a like breaker from another known good circuit and swapped the two to no avail. Switching back confirms that both breakers do in fact work. So I removed all outlets and switches that are not working, leaving open wires. I tested the bare wires with a digital multi-meter one on white and one on red - and I can only get about 1.7 volts AC fom the point where the hot wires seem to enter the batroom from below.

Does anyone have an idea if I am on the right track thinking that there is a short in the wiring somewhere...and give me a clue as to how to go about finding and repairing the short in this circuit?? ALSO can I replace the murray breakers with another brand so long as it is a 15A single pole 120/240 AC?

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