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Posted by Deborah Maria Ratliff on January 23, 2002 at 18:29:11:

In Reply to: Re: Free Jet Dry Sample posted by HAZEL COMAI on January 23, 2002 at 16:51:13:

: : : See
: : : who provide the following.....

: : : Answer: There are a variety of reasons that you may find residue on your dishes.
: : : Because age affects the performance of automatic dishwashing detergents, it is wise to purchase the product in stores where the stock is replenished regularly. To assure yourself of fresh product at all times, we recommend purchasing only one or two packages at a time.
: : : Sometimes the dispenser cup may not be functioning properly. If the cover does not close tightly or open automatically
: : : during the wash cycle, you may need to call your local authorized dishwasher service center for assistance.
: : : Occasionally, a dishwasher needs to be cleaned of accumulated food soil. Places where a build-up may occur are the filter, the underside of the dishwasher door, and around the door gasket. If food soil is present, it may redeposit on the dishes during the wash and rinse cycles.
: : : Check the manufacturer's use and care guide to determine whether your dishwasher has a self-cleaning filter and
: : : instructions for cleaning. Also check the underside of the door and around the door gasket. These may be cleaned using a damp paper towel.
: : : A number of factors can affect the performance of automatic dishwashers. Many times, dishwashing problems can be resolved by reviewing the following suggestions. Proper loading is important to provide maximum cleaning. For best results, follow the instructions in your dishwasher
: : : manufacturer's use and care manual for proper loading. When preparing dishes to be placed in the dishwasher, it is not
: : : necessary to rinse them. Just remove excess food such as bones, pits, etc. Overloading will prevent good water circulation
: : : and not allow water to hit the soiled surfaces of dishes causing poor soil removal as well as spotting and filming.
: : :
: : : Best results are achieved when the temperature of the water in the dishwasher is at least 125 degrees F. The ideal
: : : temperature is 140 degrees F. This insures the detergent will dissolve completely and clean dishes thoroughly. To check the
: : : temperature, run the water at the kitchen sink until it is hot, and use a candy or meat thermometer to measure the degrees.
: : : If your dishwasher has the feature heating the water after it enters the dishwasher, the best way to check the water
: : : temperature is to open the dishwasher door during the wash cycle and measure the temperature with a candy or meat
: : : thermometer.
: : :
: : : Low water pressure will cause an insufficient amount of water to enter the dishwasher during the wash and rinse cycles. This
: : : decreases the spraying action of the wash arms and can result in inefficient cleaning. The best way to avoid this problem is
: : : to not run the dishwasher when large quantities of water are being used elsewhere in the home.

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