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Setting the Posts

The distance between posts for wire fencing can vary from 8 to 16 feet (or more) depending on the terrain, type of fencing and type of soil.  Because of the hilly terrain in this project, the posts are set every 8 feet.  

For more information on fence post installation, click here

Cross Ties

Cross Ties help keep the fence in shape.   Because of the tension and pull on the fence, cross sections are needed every 100 feet or so.  Notch the inside of two posts to receive a cross piece.  Straight wire is then wound several times and tightened, making a large turnbuckle.

On long sections or where the fence will make a bend, use a double cross tie.

Driving fence post every 8 feet

Driving fence post every eight feet

 Mid section cross tie

Mid section cross tie

 Double cross tie at bend in fence

Double cross tie at bend in fence

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