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Cutting the Pieces

To join the frame pieces, a biscuit joiner is used.  The pieces are laid out for assembly.  Carefully arrange the pieces so that joints are flush and square.  At this point, carefully make a mark on both the frame and cross member in the middle of the joint.  This mark is where you will align the cutting guide on the joiner.  Be careful not to make the mark too close to either side of the work piece or the blade from the joiner may cut through the side, exposing the biscuit during final assembly.  With one of the pieces clamped to your workbench, make the cut for the biscuit.  Place the alignment mark on the joiner so that it is lined up with the mark you made earlier.  It is also important that the horizontal fence is firmly against  At this point, start the joiner and gently push the tool forward.  Make sure you have a firm grip on the joiner as they have a tendency to "walk", especially when cutting a slot in end grain.  Let the joiner recoil from the board face and move onto the next.

Biscuit joiner

Biscuit joiner

Plunge joiner

Hold steady on end cuts

End cut

End rail biscuit cut

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