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Framing a Partition Wall

Many times when finishing a basement or changing the layout of your home you will need to add a wall. Adding a wall is an easy task for the do-it-yourselfer to accomplish. The key to wall building is to make sure that your walls are square and plumb. Out of square or out of plumb walls cause problems with trim, door and window installation.

The other tricky part of wall building is framing the corners. Depending on whether you are framing an inside, outside, T or L corner dictates how you frame the corner. The concern here is providing a nailing surface in each corner for hanging drywall. If the corner is not framed correctly you will have nothing to nail the drywall to.

This project covers framing an interior, non-load bearing partition wall (it does not support the roof) with no windows or doors. Make sure that your work is inspected before drywalling. Note that we have installed this wall in an area that has no drywall to help you visualize what is necessary.

Stud ready to be cut

Stud ready to be cut

Level of Difficulty

Time Required:
 3 hours
Tape measure
Chalk line
Power saw
Wooden studs
Common nails 16d
Cement nails or concrete fasteners
Safety Precautions
Follow power tools safety rules.
Use eye protection.
Comply with local building codes and call for an inspection when work is completed.

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