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Horse Fencing - Installing the Boards

Board fencing is attractive, functional and easy to install. The most common type of board is rough sawn oak, 1" x 6".  Boards are commonly available in 16-foot lengths and attached to post that are spaced 8 feet apart. 

When selecting material, watch out for warped, loose knots and checking.

Other articles discuss the types of fencing, installing fence posts and wire fencing.

Four-board fence with vertical face

Four-board fence with vertical face

Level of Difficulty

Time Required:
 16 hours
Nail gun
Circular saw
Electric drill and bits
String or masons twine
Leather gloves
Electric generator
Air compressor and nail gun
Fence boards
Nails (spiral preferably)
Safety Precautions
Keep your nail gun in good condition and check the safety switch.
Place fence board on scrap block or post for sawing.

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