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Installing Wire Fencing

Wire fencing provides a relatively maintenance free and cost effective means for fencing large areas.  In the event you are fencing a pasture, use approved wire rolls with small openings  (2 x 4 inch) to keep your horse from getting its hooves stuck.  

The wire rolls go up quickly and never need painting.  Finishing off the fence with a top board provides extra visibility (to the horses) and a clean look.  It also allows for extra height and avoids damage from falling tree branches and "city folk" who are too lazy to walk to the corner.

Other articles discuss the types of fencing, installing fence posts and board fencing.

Wire fencing

Wire fencing

Level of Difficulty

Time Required:
 16 hours
Air compressor
Staple gun (heavy-duty)
Fence puller
Leather gloves
Wire clippers or snips
Circular saw
Wire fencing
Fencing staples
Straight wire
Nails 16d spiral
Wood cross piece and turnbuckle
Safety Precautions
When using tractor, keep area clear

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