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Folding Wooden Shelf

A portable or folding shelf is great for those unanticipated needs such as yard sale, Christmas or other times when you need to display or store things. The folding shelf is a fairly simple woodworking project and uses a plate (biscuit) joiner for assembly.  The unit pictured here was constructed from pine but most any wood may be used.  You can stain and finish the shelf as you like but polyurethane is a good, tough, finish.


Folding Shelf

Finished Folding Wooden Shelf

Level of Difficulty

Time Required:
 4 hours
Table saw
Electric drill
Biscuit joiner
Screw driver
Bar/pipe clamps
Belt or orbital sander
Pine shelving
Wooden or metal dowel
Biscuits for joiner
Wood glue
Small hinge set
Stain, varnish or paint
Safety Precautions
Follow power tool instructions.
Use safety glasses and hearing protection.

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