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Prepare for Wall Erection

There are two methods to installing a partition wall.  The first is to construct the wall and erect the units as one.  The second is to install the wall in place one piece at a time.

The first method works well on new construction and it helps to have some experienced helpers.  You must be accurate in your measurements to make this happen.  

Start by laying out the header and sill plates, marking for studs every 16" on center. Cut the studs to length measuring the floor to joist opening and adding 1/8" to 1/4". This will ensure a tight fit, but be careful not to wedge and raise the floor above.

The studs are nailed using 2-16d common nails. The ends may need king and skimmer stud.  The king studs extends from floor to ceiling and will be 3" longer than the skimmer and other studs.

With the studs assembled, check the wall for square by measuring diagonally. Use your sledge hammer to "persuade" the wall into square.  With some helpers, raise the wall in place and nail it securely. (Skip ahead for sill fastening.)

Layout sill plate

Layout sill plate

Nail through header into studs

Nail through header into studs

Check wall for squareness

Check wall for square

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